feminist* hackspace in Jena!

hacking, gathering, helping each other
starting projects, and so on...

We are a female*collective, doing IT stuff

Whether you want to hack something, learn how to code, occupy ourself with data privacy, encryption, open source, your hardware or other stuff - we all share the same interests. We want to learn from each other, have fun, experiment, do projects and swap ideas.

We want to create a space, in which everybody* feels welcome. A space without discrimination, exclusion or fear of not knowing enough. A space where wonderful, new and unexpected things can happen.

Our Hackspace is only open for female*, non-binary-, Trans*- and Inter*- people. And here’s why!

Want to join us?

Just come by! We are open for new ideas. You are a newbie? DOESN'T MATTER. We are ready to help you with everything that's new.

We all have different backgrounds and are more or less new to programming and IT. Whether you are going to school, to college, to work, if you are a trainee*, activist* or do unpaid labour - everyone can contribute, no matter what kind of knowledge. We are all just learning, so lets share our knowledge.

Still hesitating? You can ask us any question via: binarybugs@riseup.net

What are we up to?

  • nothing specific planned so far

Past events

  • 8.10.2018 Get together ALOTA
  • 21.09.2018 Excursion to a convention on network policy in Berlin


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